Imagine…our nation needs healing…and hope…

As an American, I hope our country welcomes all people! I hope all immigrants can feel welcomed! I hope we can appreciate the diversity of  Native Americans, Black Americans, Latinos, Caucasian, and every race!  We enrich each other beyond belief if we are only open and receptive.  I hope we can allow for the differences in our beliefs, and accept Muslims, Christians, New Age–whatever belief that helps the individual bring peace and harmony to him/herself and to others.  I hope we can accept and grow in our understanding of sexual orientation and be open to Homosexual relationships, just as we accept Heterosexual relationships. I hope we can grow in our respect of women.

I hope we can grow in respect of one another and become a nation of caring and concern for each other: for those less fortunate, for the sick, for the poor, for the homeless, and for the mentally ill.   We are so blessed to be alive and to have life. Our gratitude and respect for life must not just stay within ourselves, but it must extend out to others, so that it grows and nourishes others and ourselves. My heart can only hope and try to do my best for others.

I hope this is the American that the world will see.



6 thoughts on “Imagine…our nation needs healing…and hope…

  1. I agree with your hopes, Jane And love the song. You knew I would, didn’t you?

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  2. Love this post– we are a diverse nation of immigrants–especially where I live in southern CA. -we need to take care of each other… thanks for your insightful thoughts.


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