The Heart and Stroke Foundation logo.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So you had a stroke


You still have a heart of love


You are still you, always!



love crystals – a healing wish for my friend


Crystals (Photo credit: Velo Steve)

love crystals

all around

love crystals

in your arms

love crystals

for you and me

love crystals

keep you free

love crystals

touching you

love crystals

healing thru

love crystals

your very being

love crystals

so clearly seen



(from author) "Sand, silt, clay and organ...

(from author) “Sand, silt, clay and organic matter bind together to provide stucture to the soil. The individual units of structure are called peds.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

human clay

dried up

slipping away

despairing creature

grab hold of the Truth

allow the Hand to mold you

ground into the Being of God

open yourself

let the healing waters pour in

shape you

strengthen you

make you solid

like rock

live in love




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