Killer Despair

Water droplet blue bg03

Water droplet blue bg03 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cruel, cruel worry came upon my brain to perch

Sorrow was his assistant, every crevice acutely searched

Then came in the rest of the battalion

Leaving a trail of  bloody medallions

What is wrong, why are you never enough

What is wrong, hurt is lacing your heart’s cuff

Alone you sit, battle within, pull yourself up and be you again

Feeling mortally wounded with forces of evil up to your chin

Turning each cell, trying to fill each with disdain

Invading and depositing pieces of the blame

Mistakes do happen, will occur with revenge

Struggle and fight, do not allow evil to avenge

For inside deep, within the clay

Love is still with you each day

Fill your being with water crystals divine

Let love rule your artistic mind

Compassion and honesty, gentle and true

No matter the judgment of others…you are you

Let the water of the universe soothe your soul

Love crystals abound and give you control

Goutte d'eau.

Goutte d’eau. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

30 thoughts on “Killer Despair

  1. Every word precisely placed like so many soldiers on a parade field waiting their commanding general. Beautiful.


    • thank you…I have worked on this one for awhile…debated posting it. But then, I thought maybe it would be good to post…so those who feel like I do sometimes, know there is a way out–we have do not have to stay in despair! I do believe in LOVE! We just have to believe we are born in love and we were created in love –“to BE…for this He (God) created all!” Wisdom 1:14—not much of a biblical verse guru…lol…but I do know that one! and I think it does NOT matter if a person is religious or not…I think WE ALL LIVE in the HEART OF GOD!
      You are up late? so am I…lol….I am not happy with my lack of ability to use WordPress correctly…I cannot seem to get my spacing correct on my recent post…still working on it!


  2. Really very nice, it says so much, with so few words, about so many things and I feel about so many people today.


  3. so much packed in here – beautifully – poignantly


  4. Dace says:

    this is an interesting piece. There are two lines that drew my attention and I am still thinking about them:

    “…Mistakes do happen, will occur with revenge…”
    “..Let love rule your artistic mind..”

    And the title is – Killer Despair. So I am not totally sure if this is about the war or actual killing. However, poetry is poetry and it is meant for each individual to get what they need out of it as we do see and read what we need at that point in time. Maybe tomorrow I will read it again and will see totaly something else.


    • Thanks for visiting my blog, Dace! Well, I never realized how militaristic I was until I read the comments on this post! LOL…both you and Sheridegrom refer to this aspect…interesting…well…basically, it was a battle within myself…Although, I do not like war or anything about it…and I feel that there is a fine line that seems to be constantly crossed by our leaders in the USA, who feel it is necessary to go to war. I think most of the wars, if not all, are about power and control over wealth, oil and, soon, water! Rarely, are wars about saving lives!


  5. Dace says:

    In spite of everything, you should remember your own words: No matter the judgment of others…you are you.

    You live only once. People come and go, their opinions come and go but you are still you. Your hapiness doesn’t depend on others, it depends on what is right for you and what your heart wants.. 🙂


  6. prayingforoneday says:

    Thank you for the chat last night x

    Please accept this award and song
    The “Shine on Award”


    • Shaun, you are so sweet! I loved the conversation as well! You and Dawn are awesome parents to your four beautiful children and young adults– I feel it in your words! I will need time to complete the award requirements…are you getting even? lol


      • prayingforoneday says:

        Getting even? lol 🙂 You lost me..

        And thank you for your kind words.
        It was a good chat. I hope I showed you things “The News” does not. Hard to believe some of it…

        Thank you again..
        Shaun x


      • well…you were SLIGHTLY complaining about the time it takes regarding accepting awards…ONLY slightly…just joking with you…


      • prayingforoneday says:

        Ahhhh, gotcha now.. lol
        They do take time, but they are from people who care I guess. So worth replying. Some of the people I have met on here were linked into the same award as me..
        So well worthwhile..
        Shaun xx


    • oh, dear Shaun, I just found this!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!! You bring such joy to my life~!


  7. No matter the judgment of others…you are you
    Let the water of the universe soothe your soul
    Love crystals abound and give you control

    These lines touched me. They resonate with me so. 🙂


    • thank you…I need to repeat them to myself often…so that they become a part of me permanently! I so believe that how much we give our best to one another—our water crystals of love—so much healthier we will all be! Jesus is the Living Water—all makes sense to me–we need to be LIFE-givers to one another if we are true Christians…we should not judge each other as we do…but I guess I am “judging” some so-called Christians in my statement…Ouch! Bit myself! LOL


  8. Mich Smith says:

    It touches my heart!!


  9. clarabetty says:

    Just what you said about Jesus being the Living Water that we are to give out to others I was going to say. First we must quench our thirst with that water and then no other will satisfy. When I say me, I mean me also. I think we all judge daily and need to be reminded each day by God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Keep writing your feelings-I’m sure it will help many others especially when you close with a positive.


  10. raehering says:

    I’m glad you posted this poem – your piece gets to the heart of self-destruction. I relate to this inner struggle. It is a good reminder that Love never leaves us!


    • I just left your blog..,Your voice is beautiful and your composition of the “Ave Maria” is so spiritually moving…the video, provocative. I grew up with the prayer in my heart. I am appreciative of the fact that you read the poem to the end…At times I worry about posting the “dark side” of my thoughts but then I know that even if it reaches one person who is struggling it is worth the comments that ensue. I say the words for myself, for the release of their power on me. I say the words for those who cannot find the words, but feel the pain. I say the words for those who find difficulty understanding the pain of others. Hopefully, my poems will be one little ripple of the beginning of compassion for others.


  11. shlehora says:

    Wow! You have such a way with words I’ve always wanted. Glad you posted it also!


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