WordPress Help

Dear Fellow Bloggers and Readers,

I may disappear.  I filled out a form letter to delete an older domain, Pedalpushingthoughts@wordpress.com and I did NOT see the add-on sentence stating I wanted to delete THIS blog:  Johannisthinking……..I am afraid I will DISAPPEAR!

I tried emailing WordPress but I have NOT received any response.

IF anyone has a positive solution to this possible bleak outcome, I would appreciate your help!

I have been DONE IN by technology!

It was NOT my intent to delete Johannisthinking………but I suppose all things come to an end!

If I disappear, I want to thank YOU each for all of your support and encouragement!  Thank you to all of my readers!

I have enjoyed this blog more than I can say…and so many of you encouraged me these past two years. I have learned a lot and gained much confidence because of your kind words to me!

I hope I won’t disappear…but, if I do, thank you!

May gentleness surround you and may only good be with you each!



40 thoughts on “WordPress Help

  1. Genie says:

    You are still here, just don’t click on the link in your mail that says to delete this blog.


  2. writersideup says:

    Johann, I hope you don’t disappear either! And it may not take effect immediately and WordPress will catch it. Meanwhile, save all the emails of everyone that follows you! You’ll want to contact everyone again if you set up another blog!


  3. Yoshiko says:

    Won’t your Johannisthinking wordpress still exist?



  4. Yoshiko says:

    I do agree with writersideup’s idea and please backup your blog by Tools > Export.


  5. I’m pretty sure you can resolve this issue. If not it’s been a pleasure to read you every day.


  6. i’m no help at all when it comes to these tech things, semi-literate at best but i do NOT want you to disappear – EVER. Hopefully, it’ll get sorted.
    My best to you


  7. risinghawk says:

    When I deleted an old account, it disappeared immediately. Since you are still here, I think that is a good sign! Peace . . .


  8. Yes, Rising Hawk, I think YOU are correct! I didn’t click on it…I was in SHOCK. So, according to Genie’s information, it was saved! Peace to you also!


  9. I hope you don’t disappear!


  10. Cliff says:

    Rather than delete the other blog, you should be able to flip it to “private” or something to simply take it away from the public eye. (an idea)


  11. galan12 says:

    It looks as though you might not go, fingers crossed for you.. 😉


  12. mashamiah says:

    i do not want to miss you!


  13. writersideup says:

    Johann, it looks like you’ve survived your own personal 2K bug! lol Glad you’re still here 🙂


  14. clarabetty says:

    Glad you’re still here and that you didn’t mark trash or delete in the e-mail. Great how good everyone was with suggestions, so some good came out of it-you know who your faithful followers are and the suggestions can help someone else avoid the same thing. when you learn how to do different pages, let me know, I want to do the same thing.


  15. psychopathsgetbored28 says:

    Oh, I am glad you’re still here…I read this post only today…thank God your blog’s safe though!


  16. JunkChuck says:

    So far, so good.


  17. No solutions, but from just reading through some of our later blog postings I think thankfully you are still here! I would miss not being able to follow your beautiful writings and now to see some of your painting! I feel blessed.


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