“The Three Sisters”

I took a diversion from my writing and decided the best way to rest was to dabble with my oil paints. I had the privilege of being in Alberta this past year, and while there went to Banff.  On the southern track of the Canadian Rockies, part of the Selkirk Mountains, near Canmore,  are a trio of mountain peaks. They are named individually, as “Big Sister,” or “Faith,”  “Middle Sister” or “Charity,” and “Little Sister,” or “Hope.” Canmore is just east of Banff National Park in southwestern Alberta.

Originally, they were named “The Three Nuns,” by Albert Rogers in 1883. Later the name was changed to “The Three Sisters,” on a map drawn by Dr. George Dawson in 1886. The story that accompanies the naming, is that the three nuns went for a walk and then never returned, and became the “Three Sisters” of the mountain ridge.

I have more of my oil paintings on the 4th page of this blog, entitled MY PAINTINGS, located on the sidebar, as you scroll down, if you are so inclined to view more.  When I paint, I am completely into the picture and relaxed. I like to paint when I am completely alone–for me, it is a meditation. Thank you for visiting! Your comments are always appreciated!

"Three Sisters"  Oil Painting by Jane H. Johann; c.August, 2014. near Canmore, Alberta, CANADA

“Three Sisters”
Oil Painting by Jane H. Johann; c.August, 2014. near Canmore, Alberta, CANADA

38 thoughts on ““The Three Sisters”

  1. fotograver says:

    I love the combination of colours that you choose it looks like a 3d artwork.
    I have my brother lives in Alberta he immigrate from Malta 42 years ago.


  2. Malta! WOW! My very best friend in the entire world is from Malta! She is now the “Mother” of the religious order in which I was once a member. She is Sister Carmen Sammut. Her family still lives in Malta. Do you live in Malta also? Thank you for your comment on my painting and I am glad you found pleasure in it! Thank you!


  3. Your paintings are inspiring. 😀 Gorgeous. Stunning. Interesting. 😀 😀


  4. Very good! The colors are vibrant and beautiful.


  5. psychopathsgetbored28 says:

    You paint as beautifully with the brush as with your words. ❤


  6. Yoshiko says:

    I like the bluish texture of the mountain. It will be nice to have a rising sun in between the mountains ~ Yoshiko



  7. LadyPinkRose says:

    The colors and the shapes you painted are awesome. I wish I could paint like this. This is really good, Johann. Love, Amy


  8. Mary Jane Farrell says:

    If only more of us could DABBLE with the results you get!!! Beautiful work my friend, especially since it sounds so transcending! Keep with it getting those kind of results and the benefits to you as a person.


  9. thank you, Mary Jane…sometimes when my depression gets me into a corner, I take out a brush…and things go better. It has been a major struggle since April.


  10. Eliza Waters says:

    This is beautiful! At first I thought it was light refracting through crystal, then I read that it is oil – so much talent!


  11. Good to see you haven’t ‘disappeared’ and good to see these ‘sisters’ with their sense of power and energy..and permanence


  12. writersideup says:

    Johann, this painting is stunning! Made me find your “My Paintings” page 😀


  13. Dace says:

    I live in Calgary. I should pay more attention to my “reader” and see who is up to what. We could have gone out for coffee.


    • Yes, I do REMEMBER YOU…truly! I hope you are doing well! I didn’t realize you were in Calgary. My error as well! I was in Edmonton for several months in the Fall, and again in the Spring. I was fortunate to have seen the mountain in Jasper and Banff. Who knows…maybe one day I will visit there again…and, when and if I do, I will look for you! If I remember correctly, you emigrated to Canada from another country. I will go to visit your blog now and see what you have been up to! Blessings! and thank you for the visit!


  14. Maryellen Churnick says:

    Your passion shows as much in your paintings as it does in your writings. We won’t discuss how envious I am of your artwork but suffice it to say if your writing is great then which adjective do I use to describe your artwork? Love, Mellen


  15. Love this painting…..


    • I appreciate your comment so much…I just visited your site! You write as lovely as you paint! Your forests take me right into them…and I love the Star knighted forest! I think it is marvelous what the WISH, HOPE, DREAM team of Grandmothers is doing for Africa! I worked in Kenya many years ago. I would love to contribute, if there is something I can offer, let me know! (I know I am a Yankee–does that matter?….I am a Grandmother of two)


  16. Thank you, Alex! We are raining here today—London weather!


  17. Awesome, Jane. 🙂


  18. Amazingly beautiful!


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