she wandered to the window…

she was up




now, she wandered to the window

…looking out into the London rain

though she wasn’t in London…

but she could have been.

Her mind drifted to her children…

where were they now?

what are they doing?

Are they alright?

"Lady's Mantle"  Photo Credit: Bobbi; 2014

“Lady’s Mantle”
Photo Credit: Bobbi; 2014



When…will she see them again?

She went on to scramble the egg

use the Olive Oil

but butter on her toast, not chemically infested margarine!

She wandered to the window…

looking out…hoping…maybe today…






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13 thoughts on “she wandered to the window…

  1. psychopathsgetbored28 says:

    I don’t know why but rain always brings a feeling of longing with it… 🙂
    Beautiful poetry. ❤


  2. Loneliness and yearning. I hope she has as visit from them soon. ❤


  3. It made me look out of my study window to see if any of my kids were here. When our daughter came over about an hour ago it brightened me up. Nice one!!


  4. Just Patty says:

    Beautifully sad my sweet friend.
    Sending you love and hugz ❤


  5. you understood the sentiment well, Patty…thank you for being such a constant support and taking the extra time to write a comment…YOU are certainly a special person in my life on WordPress! and in my thoughts even when I am not on WordPress! I am trying to send you an email! Lost your address. Mine is


  6. Yoshiko says:

    The life of a busy mother though her children are away. Please correct if I interpret wrongly. Thanks



    • Good morning, Yoshiko…how are you? Yoshiko, I think that your interpretation is a possibility! Each person brings their own background and experience to the reading–you are allowed your interpretation…there is NO right or wrong. I think that is what is the beautiful experience of poetry–the words can be taken in by the reader and the permutations of possibilities of where the words take the reader are endless. If thoughts arise differently than what the poet intended, that gives added life to the poem and sometimes surprises even the poet! All the better!
      When I wrote the poem, I was thinking of a mother who already raised her children, and each of her children were off into the world, doing their own individual thing, and she was missing them. and hoping that in their lives they would have time to come home to visit. During the mother’s day, her thoughts continually drift back to her children, who she misses greatly…so she constantly is returning to the window to see if they are coming.
      Have a beautiful day, Yoshiko!


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